Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission for WAC 2022 is extended until further notice... Submit below.
La soumission de résumés pour la conférence WAC 2022 est prolongée jusqu'à nouvel ordre... Voir ci-dessous.

Whether you are:
  • Researcher in experimental sciences or human and social sciences, in physical chemistry, biology, ecology, climatology, sciences of taste, history, law, economy, sociology, psychology, linguistics…
  • Member of public or private interprofessional research organizations…
  • Involved in vine and wine business…
Addressing concepts of activity or inactivity of wine compounds, your work permits to discuss (reveal, confirm or question) their impact, whether they are:
  • Associated with vineyard practices, biotic and abiotic stresses of the vine
    • Linked with strategies for protecting the vineyard; for soils management; pathologies; hydric or thermal stresses…
  • Associated with winemaking and wine aging processes
    • Fermentations; stabilizing processes; inputs reduction; evolution of laws; historical perspectives…
  • Associated with sensory perceptions of professionals and consumers
    • Detection and integration in complex matrices; prescriptions and discurses; evolution of taste, methods of tasting and vocabulary; representations…
  • Of biological interest, related to health
    • New molecules/properties; historical perspectives / norms / economic issues; associated social representations…


We have established a partnership with the International Viticulture and Enology Society (IVES).

All authors with accepted abstracts will have the possibility to publish either a short 4-pages article or a poster

with Open Access on IVES Conference Series portal, and for selected best abstracts, authors will be invited to submit full articles

to OENO One vine and wine Open Access journal.

Alternativement, pour les auteurs francophones, un article complet pourra être soumis à la revue Territoires du Vin,

de la Chaire Unesco Culture et Traditions du Vin.

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